What To Expect


My Commitments

  • I will provide quality, professional craftsmanship, ingenuity, and creativity to meet your remodeling goals.
  • I will maintain a positive attitude throughout the process.
  • I abide by commercial standards and will work to meet your desires and work within your project budget.
  • Remodeling always comes with surprises. My price will be made to you in writing, detailing the work to be accomplished. Any additional work requested or required will be discussed for your approval.
  • I am incorporated and inured and I do carry general liability insurance. I will gladly provide a copy of this policy should you require it.
  • I do work to keep your project area clean, and will work to the best of my ability to keep dust to a minimum. Please know that it is impossible to eliminate all dust. You can expect to do the final cleanup yourself, hire someone to clean, or request that I work a final cleaning into my estimate.
  • My goal is your satisfaction. I want you to love your remodel after it’s finished!


  • Please have a good attitude and enjoy the process.
  • Please communicate through the project because it can go a long way with your satisfaction in the end product. Please voice your questions and concerns as well as give encouragement where it applies.
  • Expect to have surprises or challenges. They will happen, so please be prepared. This is a natural part of home repair, construction, and remodeling.
  • Please prepare for this project by moving or removing all personal belongings out of the area of your project. This will allow us to start immediately.
  • Expect to clean after this project is finished. If you would like us to do a final clean I can add that into my estimate.
  • I expect you to make payments as agreed.